Composite Decking

Composite Decking-For An Adorned Exterior!


Why should be exterior be left out when whole of the house has that tremendous tasteful feel? It, in fact , it should be treated with more attention n so that someone making their entry including the owner can at once experience a sense of pleasure. It is easy to get an improved outer area with composite decking. That’s how, anyone can bestow an inviting, warm and welcoming look on their house.

Composite Decking

It lasts longer than the traditional wood deck and a decking product that is most popular decking alternative. This is a good way to add outdoor space to your residence. Composite decking is built using wood and plastic and its two types-capped and uncapped-are most popular.


How A Composite Deck is Great Option? 

  • Natural timber looked & feel with random grain & texture
  • Resistance to UV light attack with improved colour fading protection
  • Resistance to fungus & algae growing
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Slip resistant is safe for children
  • Various decking designs and colours
  • Added value for property investment 

Composite Decking-Strengths 

Sold and hollow-two sorts of composite decking can be found in the market. While hollow composite decking looks more like a man-made product, solid one has a greater mass thus heavier and resembles real wood.  Solid composite decking is superior in strength, more popular and used for pool site and other outdoor settings.

Composite Decking Vs Hard Wood Decking 

  • Extreme weather condition can take a toll on hard or traditional timber decking leaving it warped, faded and splintered while PVC or composite decking used in balcony or other outdoor spaces is away from bugs, warping and weathering.
  • With no need to stain, seal or paint it yearly, it presents itself as a cost-effective alternative to hard wood decking.
  • Though less expensive initially, traditional wood decking has more maintenance costs attached to it considering its fragile nature.

The bottom-line that can be drawn thus is that composite decking is any day better than pressure-treated wood decking.