DIY Flooring



DECKCLIC eco™ is designed for DIY flooring (Do-It-Yourself) purposes and it is so easy which that does not need any extensive tools or machines to accomplish the job.  It also provides the freedom of self-assembly which does not require any local authorities for approval to perform own flooring installation.


It features modular in terms of design & pattern to combat conditions such as uneven floor,  irregular floor design & corners. This DIY flooring modular product can quickly tailor made to various sizes by sawing off to different shapes in the event of various floor sizes.

Installation steps:


Maintenance steps:

Below are steps to maintain the appearance and protect the nature color of the timber decking.  It is very important to take simple steps to retain the decking at the optimum performance and durability every 6 months.


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If you are looking specifically at DIY Vinyl, you can also consider interlocking vinyl flooring tiles, that is currently in the market. Among the features of these DIY Vinyl is that it is available in a variety of textures, functions, and colors and create your own distinct design to suit your requirements and style. These tiles can be fitted in your washroom with just a few tools and you do not have to be an expert to install the interlocking vinyl tiles.


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