For Designer Vinyl Flooring


Sometimes, even in your own house or office, you may be looking for something a little more than the usual. For this purpose, designer vinyl is perfect because it is the developer’s choice. Not just that, but this vinyl flooring can even be used in high end pubs and cafés where you expect to welcome a lot of famous people. Click Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring for more info.

LV3327 Eclipse WE LV3327 Eclipse WELV8235 Blackjack WE  LV8235 Blackjack WE LV8245 Titanium WE  LV8245 Titanium WE LV3963 Cosmic WE  LV3963 Cosmic WE LV4126 Venus WE  LV4126 Venus WE LV8273 Milky Way WE  LV8273 Milky Way WE



Specs & Warranties:

Dimension : 184mm(W)x950mm(L)
Thickness : 3mm
Wear Layer : 0.5mm
Installation : Glue Down


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