For Original Vinyl Flooring


If you want to go with an original look for your kitchen, café, food court or even canteen, then the vinyl flooring is surely not going to let you down. Vinyl is extremely beautiful, so you will have no problem in making it perfect for your own purposes.

LV3327 Eclipse WELV3327 Eclipse WELV8235 Blackjack WELV8235 Blackjack WELV3963 Cosmic WELV3963 Cosmic WELV8245 Titanium WELV8245 Titanium WELV4126 Venus WELV4126 Venus WELV8273 Milky Way WELV8273 Milky Way WELV4134 Caramel WELV4134 Caramel WELV4128 Mansion WELV4128 Mansion WELV8283 Summit WELV8283 Summit WELV4014 Corus WELV4014 Corus WE  LV7247 Truffle WGLV7247 Truffle WG



Specs & Warranties:

Dimension : 184mm(W)x950mm(L)
Thickness : 3mm
Wear Layer : 0.5mm
Installation : Glue Down




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