For Vintage Vinyl Flooring


Vintage looks are the in-thing right now and they can be easily achieved with the use of vinyl flooring. As mentioned, vinyl is available in many different forms, so you will easily be able to find something that is antique and suitable for a vintage themed club or pub lobby.

Therefore, regardless of what look you wish to pull off, you can be sure that vinyl flooring will help you create it.

LV8237 Toledo WG  LV8237 Toledo WG LV4144 Oregon WG  LV4144 Oregon WG LV8264 Eden Oak WE  LV8264 Eden Oak WE LV4143 Blossom WG  LV4143 Blossom WG LV8293 Marimba WE  LV8293 Marimba WE LV8284 Edinburg WE  LV8284 Edinburg WE


Specs & Warranties:

Dimension : 184mm(W)x950mm(L)
Thickness : 3mm
Wear Layer : 0.5mm
Installation : Glue Down


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