Wood Flooring Restoration Work Is Easy Because Of Professional Help 

Wood flooring gets damaged in the course of time, but the damage isn’t always irreparable. There are several factors that could damage wood flooring like you might spill tea over it, or you might move and shift some furniture. The abrasions caused by the movement of furniture are always in your hands, so you should be careful not to move the furniture around too rashly.

We offer variety of services for very reasonable fee in restoring the shine from Vinyl and Parquet floorings, for details click below for each services info.

Vinyl-floor-polishing1Vinyl Flooring Polishing

Parquet-RestorationParquet Restoration

Parquet-SandingParquet Sanding

Your efforts at cleaning could also damage the floor. You should take care to mop the floor using a light detergent. Using a harsh chemical or something more acidic could find damaged flooring. A water-leak in the house might find water spilt over some area of wood-flooring, and if not dealt with soon, it might lead to permanent damage. If it gets bad, you might need some professional help.                                                    

We do offer small restoration jobs for small damage area, for info please visit our testimonial page.  Please contact us for more info.