Vinyl Flooring

When you’re looking for engineered wood floors for your home or workplace, one of the options that you must consider is vinyl flooring. Though vinyl flooring is actually pictures of wood printed on vinyl to produce planks for installation, it is growing very popular because of numerous advantages.  Get tips on Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring.

A very important characteristic of this kind of flooring is that it is made up of a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers and further pigments are added for the color. This flooring is mostly very flexible; fine textured and seems to be non-porous. Among the many other benefits of vinyl, you will also note that these floors are resistant to water and provide a softer feel as compared to other traditional tiled floors. It is best for households as it will last a long time sand the replacement is very easy and simple. Read Different Between Laminated & Vinyl Flooring.

Among the many benefits of vinyl, the one you may be happiest to discover is that it comes in different styles and colors, including the original look, the designer look or even the vintage look.

Here are the different styles of vinyl and how they can be helpful in achieving what you need. Need to polish your old vinyl? Check out our Vinyl Polishing services for more info.

The Different Looks of Vinyl Flooring

1. vinyl_original_left_logoFor Original Lovers

Original vinyl floors offer beautiful & great functionality to your wet areas eg. Kitchen, or retail Café, Food court, Canteen.

2. vinyl_invogue_left_logoFor Designers

Designer vinyl floors are best to show off interior designers & developers a series of choice for designing high end pub, Café, stylish restaurant.

3. vinyl_vintage_left_logoFor Vintage Lovers  

Vintage vinyl floors are best fit to antique themed club, pantry, pub lobby, guest area.

Recent works (Vinyl Maple Gold & Grey Rustic Wood)







Therefore, regardless of what look you wish to pull off, you can be sure that vinyl flooring will help you create it.  Learn more about our latest models of Laminated Wood FlooringHardwood Flooring & Wood Decking.  Contact us for our hottest Vinyl flooring sale now!

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