Wood Ceiling Strip

Wood Ceiling to Cap the Look of A Setting!


Woods lend warmth and softness and when they are used for interior, they demonstrate the great aesthetic sense of the user. Using wood for almost all places, we forget them when it comes to ceiling without ever giving a thought that how more lovely it’ll look if we add some fine details to ceiling too.

Wood ceiling are used in commercial and residential spaces to provide sturdiness and stylish look. These are grooved, linear or cubed. Installed on a grid or metal frame with wall cladding, wood ceiling prevents from falling by holding the apparatus together.


  • Speakers, lighting and other such things can be inserted into the grid system of wood ceiling Malaysia.
  • It is excellent from the point of view of insulation.
  • Painting them is easy. There is little or no pre-treatment required.
  • It is easy to design this type of ceiling given its moldable nature.
  • These ceiling strips are great acoustic structures with a wonderful capacity to absorb as well as reflect sounds as against their counterparts through which the sound simply travels.
  • If done with care and passion, these alter the whole environment into a warm, cozy and decorative place.

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