Wood Staircase

Wood Staircase to Up the Interior Space!

Wood-floor-staircase1 Wood-floor-staircase2

With Interiors done tastefully, the home becomes much more appealing to the ones who reside in it and the ones who visit it. Wood work is the best thing that can happen to an interior space. Wood staircase in your place of living merges into the environment while giving it a unique feel if done a little sensibly. 

Wood Staircase 

These are light in weight and mostly used in the construction of house.  The kinds of woods that are used to make these stairs are laminated wood floor, vinyl or solid Burmese teakwood, Belian, Merbau or Burmese ironwood.


Why Install Wood Staircase? 

  • The living space at once become lively with an outdoor touch added to it. Creating an illusion of space, it provides an ambience that is natural and more relaxing.
  •  There are multiple staircase designs in wood staircase Malaysia which are complimentary to both old as well as new properties.
  • With numerous choices of wood available, it lasts much more than other materials.
  • Easily cleanable, wood staircase gels well with wood flooring.
  • Wooden stairs with laminated wood floor make for a solid trafficable area which does not easily gives in to wear and tear.
  • You can combine a wood staircase with a vinyl floor and paint and varnish it to protect it from damaging elements.

Never enough for interior wood setup?  You can also consider to install wood fencing which is considered a piece of art over your front exterior.  Do call us for the design & advice.